Is it Safe to Use a SMM Panel for YouTube?

Is it Safe to Use a SMM Panel for YouTube?


Every day, social media – such as YouTube – are rising in popularity. And people of all ages and backgrounds are getting on board throughout the world. YouTube itself, despite his popularity, keeps growing year by year, with an average of growth by 300 million new, active users per year.

With so many users, the rivalry among influencers, companies, and others who want to be seen and heard is fierce. When utilized properly, social media can be a business godsend, and modern social media marketing tactics and tools – such as SMM panels – may catapult anybody to fame quickly.

If you are reading this article, or you have been around YouTube and social media marketing for a while, you’ve surely heard about SMM panels. They seem to work like magic, bringing you tons of engagement, views and subscribers, in a matter of seconds and at cheap prices. Yes, that is undoubtedly true. But, are they also safe to use on YouTube channels and videos?

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    Most people claim there’s no harm in employing an SMM panel to increase your YouTube presence because social media is one of the finest methods to advertise your brand and expand your sphere of influence, and SMM panels are always one step ahead of social media, too.

    But in reality, are they really safe? Is it a good idea to use SMM panels for your YouTube channel, or the ones of your clients? Well, let’s take a moment to talk about it.

    What harm can a SMM Panel for YouTube do?

    Do SMM panels have a negative impact on organic engagement and growth? Can YouTube ban a channel or take down a video, which has been boosted using a YouTube SMM Panel?

    Let’s talk about price for a second. The services some of these SMM panels offer are extremely cheap, promising the world to everyone. But you have to be aware of the saying “it’s too good to be true.” You cannot obtain authentic accounts to follow your channel or watch your videos for such low prices

    The majority of SMM panels provide these services via inactive bot accounts, which reduce interaction. Because these bot followers are supplied in an unusual manner, most networks are able to detect this, and they can either remove them or shadow-ban the account, limiting the number of people who see your content.

    Also, cheap views that come from bad SMM panels have low retention and a very high bounce rate. Meaning that even if you get a view, only a couple of seconds of your video would be watched. And you know that YouTube prioritizes retention rate these days.

    This will lower your overall stats.

    So yes, SMM panels can cause harm. But it depends on which provider you choose to work with.

    Are All SMM Panels Bad For YouTube?


    With a bit of research, you’ll also find that there are also reliable SMM panels out there, that will deliver exactly what they promised or use real and safe traffic sources.

    So, let’s talk about the other side of the spectrum. Legitimate SMM panels that have been used for years and have thousands of satisfied customers are still out there. They are more difficult to find in the ocean of YouTube and SMM Panels, but still there. 

    By using a quick little search on Google, and then verifying the reliability and reviews on sites like TrustPilot, where you can see what people experienced when working with these trustworthy panels.

    But what makes a panel trustworthy and safe to use?

    The best in the biz don’t mess with fake bots and low retention time. They offer exactly what you want (or what is described in the product), giving you views that cover the entire length of your video or which, at least, won’t cause harm to your channel, as they are sent in a natural, non-suspicious way.

    These legitimate websites, unlike the other ones that may hurt your engagement or channel, might even let you test out their services. All you have to do is open a ticket with your channel link and desired service, then you’ll receive a free balance to use so that you can see what they’re all about, free of charge of course.

    Now, we’ll see what makes a SMM Panel good for YouTube and how to actually find one, to be your partner during your YouTube journey – or the one of your clients.

    What Makes A SMM Panel Safe for YouTube?

    When it comes to using SMM Panels for YouTube videos or channels, we want to receive traffic, subscribers and engagement which,
    1) Won’t harm the organic growth (but possibly improve it)
    2) Will not drop or be removed by YouTube, causing both an economical and image loss.

    In order to find a SMM Panel for YouTube that will be able to deliver that, different factors should be considered. 

    1. Pricing that makes sense

    SMM Panels distinguish themselves for two reasons, essentially. First is instant start of orders (in many cases) and secondly, the pricing. At the same time, the pricing can be tricky: it needs to make sense in order to receive a safe and quality service. You can’t expect to receive views that will not be spotted by YouTube, nor will drop, if you spend 0.7$/1k for them.

    As we said, it is too good to be true and in order to maintain such low prices, providers are using low quality traffic sources or low quality bots. This does not mean you have to spend a lot more, but check the pricing and find the sweet spot. If for instance you are buying views from Native advertising, at a rate of 1.8$/1k, then you know you are getting real views, and the pricing proves the service is legit.

    2. Unique and organic YouTube services

    A feature of a great YouTube Panel is the fact that they provide services which are organic and/or unique, meaning they are not being resold but rather, “produced” by the company itself.

    Unfortunately, most of the SMM Panels are just reselling YouTube services from the few “original” Panels out there which are crafting their own YouTube services. Try to find those, the Panels which are actually creating the services themselves and know how to work with the YouTube platform.

    3. YouTube Focus

    SMM Panels are often a huge supermarket. This can be good, as you will find any sort of service you can think of. But, at the same time, it has three downsides;
    1) It means that the Panel is just listing and reselling hundreds of services from third parties
    2) It means that it does not have a real awareness and monitoring of the effectiveness of listed services. They might be listing a service – which you end up using – that is not safe nor reliable
    3) If they focus on every Social Media, very likely they will not be “expert” on any specific Social Media, including YouTube.

    Therefore, look for providers that focus specifically on YouTube and who have been sailing the YouTube marketing business for many years.

    4. Detailed information

    To know if you are going to get a YouTube service which is OK, one of the best ways before actually placing an order is reading the service description. Most of the times, the descriptions provided by SMM Panel owners are quite accurate, so you can rely on them to know what to expect and you going to receive.
    At the same time, many SMM Panels don’t provide descriptions – or a very generic one – for most services, YouTube included. Therefore, look for YouTube SMM Panels that are telling you exactly what to expect before purchasing a specific service.


    5. Reviews

    Your eye and opinion matters, but even more than that, it can be helpful to know what a handful of people who previously purchased services for YouTube from a specific SMM Panel think. For this reason, before picking your YouTube SMM Panel, make sure to search around the web for reviews and opinions from people.

    6. Refunds

    A benefit of working with a well renowned SMM panel is that they always offer refunds. This happens when for an odd reason, the order can’t be completed, you’ll get your money back. And they do offer refunds because they are confident about their services, and that it will rarely happen that refunds will happen, but if they do, clients will probably purchase again.


    Finally, yes, there are also SMM Panels that are 100% safe for YouTube videos and channels. Unlike other websites that rely on bad quality bots to lower prices and maximize profits, these trustworthy SMM panels work with real users or use more complex marketing strategies, so that you won’t have any reason to get shadow-banned or see all the engagement and views purchased, removed after a few days or weeks.

    Unlike other SMM panels, TheYTLab offers genuine and legitimate followers and views, and our repeat customers and positive reviews are there to prove it more than our own words.

    We’ve helped people from all over the world, from the United States to Australia, Great Britain, Germany, France and the list goes on.

    So, no matter where you are in the world, the benefits of a legitimate SMM panel will be immense.

    In conclusion, there are two sides to every story. In every single industry, you find good companies that excel when it comes to their services, and you also can come across companies that are in it just to take your money and disappear. That is why we encourage you to do some research beforehand and not settle on the cheapest service out there because your YouTube channel will be the one to suffer in the long run.

    Be smart, and take advantage of every marketing tool out there, to set yourself ahead of your competitors.

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