YouTube Views Reseller Panel: How To Find The Best One

YouTube Views Reseller Panel: How To Find The Best One


Social media has become more important than ever. Especially when it comes to video content. And what platform dominates the game in that field? YouTube, of course!

If you’re looking for ways to improve your own social presence, engagement, views and likes for cheap, or if you simply want to resell YouTube marketing services, then you’ve come to the right place.

Because in both cases, YouTube Panels are the way to go.

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    But what exactly is a YouTube Panel?

    You may go on Google and search this keyword but most of the time, the information can be quite daunting and will leave you more confused than you already were.

    So, let’s make some clarity. And first, by seeing the two main reasons why people decide to engage with a YouTube Panel and therefore, how you could use them:

    1. To boost your channel’s engagement, views and likes.
    2. To resell the YouTube panel services to others.

    Also, you can find script providers who sell the needed ready-made scripts in order to start your own YouTube panel business and become a SMM/YouTube Panel owner.

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    Now let’s find out how exactly these services work and what they can actually do for you. We will see the best approach to use a YouTube SMM Panel both for individual users (those who want to grow their own channel) and resellers.

    YouTube Panels For Individual Users

    How to use a YouTube panel to boost engagement on your channel?

    If you have your own YouTube channel, and you want to increase all of these metrics, a YouTube panel is your best bet, and usually better than any agency or e-commerce type of store.

    In fact, it’s a versatile and cheap way to get the resulted desires, without spending too much money nor having to wait too much time for services to start.

    In fact, the two main strengths of (most) YouTube and SMM Panels are,

    1. The fact that they have wholesale pricing rates, and
    2. The fact that orders start automatically, usually in a matter of minutes, if not seconds.

    Also, think about it this way. You’ll gain views and engagement fast, and your channel will also gain credibility at the same time, allowing future subscribers to trust your content in a heartbeat.

    So, what are the steps toward using a YouTube panel? 

    1. Find a trusted panel and browse their services, to find the service you are interested to.
    2. Add funds to your account by making the payment  (which price is extremely reasonable, for the value and results you’ll get)
    3. Then simply go to your own channel, and copy the link of the channel or video you intend to promote
    4. Paste the link you copied earlier
    5. Then all you have to do is to select the amount of views/likes/subs you need. It may be 40,000 views so that you’ll give a big boost of authority to your channel. Or you can even request 1,000 subscribers to reach a similar result, plus the required amount of subscribers required for monetization. Whatever you prefer.
    6. Finally, all you have to do is click “Start” or “Proceed”, and for most services, you will see a growth in a matter of minutes, since most panels are automated.

    This is all it takes for your YouTube channel to gain some much-needed traction. Sit back, relax and let the YouTube Panel work its magic.

    From your side, all you need is to paste your links, select the quantity and place the order.

    But here’s a quick reminder for you:

    When you initially copy the link to your channel, be sure not to mistakenly copy the YouTube studio link. The link that is needed is the one that your viewers can see. In order to do this, visit your channel as a third party or as a follower, or by browsing in incognito.

    This might sound obvious to some, but as YouTube Panel owners, we see similar mistakes of a wrong URL used so often, or people using a channel link when a video link should be used!

    Do not worry because most panels, if you use a wrong link, will automatically cancel and refund your order. But, by using a wrong link, your service may be delayed, which is a shame since your video might not get that instant traction which is the main benefit of YouTube SMM Panels.

    Using a YouTube Panel for Reselling

    Apart from boosting your own channel, you can also make some money while dipping your toes into this particular niche.

    This is where Subpanels come in. Or as they are best known as, Child Panels. You can buy them, and then flip the services on your Child Panel for a higher price, bringing you some significant profit.

    You may wonder why people would buy a panel at a higher price from you? The reason for this is that selling via a child panel, will often still have more benefits and lower prices than most websites selling similar services out there.

    How do you set up a Child Panel for Reselling?

    Doing this may seem complicated. But it actually isn’t.

    All you have to do is buy a domain name. To do that, just go on Porkbun or Namecheap or other similar websites, and there you’d find domains at a fairly reasonable price. (around 10$ per year).

    Next, you need to buy a Child Panel. The parent YouTube Panel will provide you with the hosting, the script and automated services for a monthly fee. Some panels, such as ours, will also provide you a further reseller discount, if you re-sell services via your Subpanel (another word used when referring to Child Panels).

    To get started, as we said all you need is a domain, a trusted SMM panel which you will use as parent, and just one more simple thing: to change nameservers.

    A name server is the website that your domain name will point to. In other words, when anybody types any domain name, the domain name points to the hosting that is indicated by the nameserver.

    To edit nameservers, a few clicks is all you need. 

    1. Go to your domain provider
    2. Log in to the domain and add the provided name servers
    3. As a result, when someone enters the domain name you purchased, they are sent to the script hosted by the parent SMM panel provider, and managed by you.

    That website, which uses the hosting resources and the script of the Parent SMM Panel, can be customized according to your own preferences

    You may customize the logo, the name, and design. You can do anything you want in order to give it a more professional appearance. Nobody can tell if it’s a child panel or not.

    Of course, you can also decide which services to sell or not. Change the description and the titles of the services. And, decide at which price you want to sell your services, to get a profit.

    Now that you know all about a YouTube panel, and what it does, it’s time for you to find the best one. But how do you do that?

    First, you need to scope the internet for those that have clear proof of success. Find reviews on websites like Trustpilot.

    Then, after you found a few that actually provide the services they promise, it’s time to look at the price

    Now, money is relative, and it’s different from one person to another since what may seem cheap to you, could be expensive to others. 

    But most importantly, don’t just look at the price, but also how reputable and trusted a SMM panel is.

    Because a YouTube SMM Panel which is not reliable, will cause issues to you and your clients, making the whole experience a headache and profiting from it very difficult.

    On the other hand, a reliable Panel with great services and support, not only will make your job easy, but also retain your customers, meaning more orders and money from returning clients.

    After many years into marketing, we learned that one of the secrets to success is client retention.

    “A loyal (returning) customer doesn’t consider alternatives. He won’t mind paying premium for his valued loyalty.” (Tim, TheYTLab CEO)

    “Profit in business comes from repeat customers” (Edwards Deming, American Statician)

    Finally, take a look at the support that they offer. You’ll want to work with a YouTube panel that offers 24/7 support, and that will guide you through the entire process, even after you made your purchase.

    In conclusion, finding trustworthy YouTube Panels can be tricky. But if you do find the right one for you, it’s definitely a win.  So, keep an eye on different online reviews, made by trusted individuals.

    Here’s what the Director of AB has to say about us:

    “With almost a decade of experience, this marketing panel has served thousands of clients to date, with reliable services and support. But after their latest big update, TheYTLab has taken his marketing services a step further, providing an automated panel powered by Artificial Intelligence.”

    You can find the link to the post here.

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