YouTube Playlist Plays (USA)


USA-based accounts will play your Playlist. Each video will be watched fully, you get some extra like, and some earning too. Useful to boost Playlist and videos rank.



You have your YouTube playlist – or maybe many of them, after using our Playlist creation service – and now, what?

Simple, use our YouTube Playlist plays!

You can decide if you want our USA based account to play your playlist for 30 minutes or 60 minutes. At that point, our users will watch your playlist for the selected length.

Each video of the playlist – until the 30 or 60 min. are finished – will be watched fully, and some videos will also get likes.

On top of that, you will generate some ads income from the service.


How many views will I get on my videos? – It depends on the length of the videos in your playlist. If the videos are short – let’s say 2 minutes on average – you will get 15 views for each Playlist play. On the other hand, if you videos are 2 hours long, you will get just 1 view.

What happens if later I delete the playlist? – Nothing, your video views will stay, don’t worry.



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