Buy YouTube Watch Time (Any Video Length)


Get the required watch time for your YouTube channel, fast. Delivery of 4000 hours in less than 2 weeks. No special requirements, and any video length is okay.



As we all know, 4000 hours of watch time are required to be eligible for the YouTube Partner Program.

But to get them (especially quickly) is not easy. YouTube made it difficult by putting this considerable entry barrier for anyone who desires to monetize his YouTube channel.

That is why, TheYTLab provides watch time to allow YouTube channel owners to reach the watch time requirement.

No special requirements are needed, because this service works with any video length.

The service starts within 48 hours, and will finish in 2 weeks or less. It is completely safe to use, as it uses real users and tested methods.

On top of that, it is probably the cheapest watch time service that works with any video length, therefore also with short videos.

Insert your channel link, select desired watch time quantity, and then don’t worry. In 2 weeks at most, your channel watch time is YouTube Partner Program eligible!


How long does it take for watch time to start? – We need to manually set up each campaign. So, most orders start in 24-48 hours. In rare circumstances, it can take up to 72 hours.

How long does it take to complete – It takes 2 weeks on average, sometimes less. The longer the total amount of your videos length, the faster it will finish. Let’s make an example: a channel with 5 videos of 3 minutes each will take longer to finish, compared to a channel with 10 videos of 3 minutes each.

Is it safe to use? Can YouTube ban me? – Don’t worry, it is safe to use. 100%. But, if your videos are not eligible for YouTube partner program, we suggest to not use this service. Because we only send the required watch time, we don’t guarantee approval in the Partner Program. To be approved, your content needs to be original. Please read here more information of what can not be monetized on YouTube. Or, click the following images, we took a screenshot of the most important parts of the article from Google. (image 1image 2). We don’t want you to waste money, so make sure your channel content is Okay.

Will I also get views? – It depends on how long your videos are but yes, you will also get many views. With 4000 hours of watch time, you can get up to 50k youtube views!


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