YouTube Video Embeds (Premium Sites)


Have your YouTube video featured inside articles of the same topic as your video, and published on premium websites. We will then send a link of the article to your email.



Video embedding is a proven way to increase a video rank. They are a form of backlink to a YouTube channel. 

But to make it more effective, videos should be part of relevant articles and on high quality websites.

That is why we offer this service, and we guarantee that your videos will only be added inside articles of the same topic as your video, and on high quality websites.

We just need your video link. We will then see what the topic is, write an article about it, and publish it with your YouTube video on the spotlight.

You will get a report with the link to the article(s) to your email, usually within 3-5 days.


Can I decide the content of the article? – Nope, as we like to keep the content of the sites natural and not promotional, we will do the writing. But the article will be relevant to the video niche. Also, if you see some mistake in the article, of course we will correct them upon your request.

Can I see the websites first? – We have connections with/own more than 30 premium publisher sites, but to get an idea, see here a couple of the sites included. 


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